Flash game A Sitch in Time 1

A Sitch in Time 1 adventure and action game

Pass very good moments with your game pr adventure fr A Sitch In Time!

Who says girls do not know how to fight? Come to cover the cot s contrary to your Roine h e pr fr. In this game superbly r alis gives a hand has a beautiful daughter named Kim Possible. You have the Shoulder to fight a fierce warlike f difficult to complete his mission. It should appeal to all his ninja skills to r succeed girl has come to the end of his opponent who is also super spirited e. In addition, she must overcome the many obstacles that stand in his path to succeed r all its missions.

How to play a A Sitck in Time 1?

To start the game, click on the Play button and leaves no second r pit was your enemy. It instead of constantly and holds in his hands a weapon capable of you to destroy. M trust yourself then fireballs green it launches you constantly. So be vigilant and dodge his shots. D up your h Roine with right and left arrows on your keyboard, do the look with the lower and jump with the top one.

The space bar will give you a kick. You also have the possibility to bounce off objects by holding the arrow at the top SEATED. If you need help, press the Help button.

You are willing that 3 tests and monitor-well your life bar at the top of your game screen Try to crush your opponent before time s not impossible traverse. A Sitch In Time is a fighting game accompanied by beautiful music and graphics are beautifully r alis s. Throw yourself solo or trust your friends to see who will go furthest in the adventure. Have fun!

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