Flash game Adventure of Buttlock

Adventure of the refrence Buttlock fantastic fighting game

Adventure of Buttlock is a superb adventure whose main character is none other than Buttlock game. Buttlock is in search of his beloved that e t e PEELED by aliens from other planets. Nobody knows why she kidnapp t e, but all to believe that these invaders want to do experiments on it exp. Young aid prevent this in the paulant in his mission. He wants at all costs to deliver his half to find the sweet sr nit and peace of heart.

Our little guy will defy wind and March are to arrive at its ends. His career has been weeks of pitfalls. Little green men are very numerous and all loans to block his path. Help him has to fight these aliens to lib rer his wife before it is emmen e in their planet. Buttlock has a pe of crack to confront attackers, who come to him.

Be mercilessly and year antis all the aliens on your way. A pe ea located right of your game screen you mounted your standard of living. Therefore avoids taking shots for it does not reach the red zone and empty compl ment. D up yourself with the left and right arrows on the keyboard, press the up arrow to jump. The "A" key allows you to give a glance pe and "S" key prot ger you with your shield. To start the game, click on the New Game button.

Embark on a commando mission where all your gestures and your shots should see a pr decision, and attempts to collect the minimum possible to keep your life bar has a level lev. This represents bar feel your blood. The quality of the image is irr prochable.

The horn of a childlike air but the game rite m all its nobility.

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