Flash game Adventures Of Gyroatoms

Adventures Of Gyroatoms arcade and agility

Pars adventure in Adventures Of Gyroatoms arcade and agility!

Are you a young adventurer? An explorer? Then this game is for you, you're on the right page. On our platform, we have your availability, free of charge games great adventure. That we propose to you to cover will surely please you, welcome to Adventures of Gyroatoms.

In this game, you play a feral cat named Gyro. The goal is to jump on flying pigs to reach the door that leads to the exit. To play, it's easy: click on the game and waits tl loading it. Click the Play button on the game screen and then press the Space bar on the keyboard. Selected press New Game for butt of a new game.

The game features three worlds, but you will not have access to only one: a pirate island, other (robot factory and mountain ninja) will open by turns after your victories. So choose one that is open and you launch yourself into the adventure.

How to play a Adventures Of Gyroatoms?

Use the directional arrows on your keyboard: the arrow at the top to enter the gates, the arrow at the bottom to fall. The arrows left and right to move from one way or the other. The keyboard keys are also not left out: the Z key to jump like a rabbit, aiming remaining appuy the X button then rel√Ęch to shoot. It is also possible to make combinations to take the game more agr ble: Z + the arrow button at the bottom allows you to make superb jumping acrobatics.

To change the position of the cam ra, the C key + the arrows. Think you can do it? D shows it in Gyroatoms Adventures of a fabulous adventure game. you have to prove it.

Good game!

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