Flash game Agro Vacations

Agro Vacations unusual adventure game

Diamond is a hard ral r min considered among the most natural materials mat pr skies in the world. It is used for making jewelry that are extremely expensive. Everyone wants to have a diamond jewelry, a ring, a watch, a chain or a bracelet. It is such a pr cious stone it is not to the port and from everyone.

People pay very expensive to have them. Then you cides to go into the forest to get you too these pr cious stones, but the mission is not at all easy. Agro vacation is an adventure game in which you find yourself in the forest with animals and critters of all kinds. Your goal is to take as many diamond stones as you can to score points.

You have to climb the bleachers by swings and going good cost. Warning forest is filled with animals, it is important not they affect you if you lose the game. But you'll be equipped with a firearm, a gun which you can you use to kill these critters.

Gere well your bullets and do not shoot the mess of, otherwise you risk to draw your charger. Get right of one charger and if your bullets s' draw you will be delivered to yourself and you'll thank you to the pr daters. To take the ruby, you have to keys jumping, others will then climb up to go take them. Be careful not to drop your life you will not get quite so soon as you touch the animals. Click on Play Game to begin, use the directional arrows keys to move to.

Use the left arrow to go left, right arrow to move right, the top to jump and the down to bend. Use the spacebar to shoot. Good luck!

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