Flash game Arno Bros

Arno Bros a new version of the famous Mario game platform

Cheek Arno Bros and covers a new version of c lebre Mario Nintendo console. In a factory, you have to succeed r climb to the top to face g ant King Kong before winning the game The task will not be simple, sailest very rapidly in all parts fitted on the scales, quickly make you crush by boulders that you launch the g ant otherwise you will lose life. To play, use the directional arrows on the keyboard, traverses the area from left to right and top to bottom, calculates the time the monkey g ant balance stone for a time avoid. The ant is very Chimpanzee g m singing and there are several brick blocks has its COTS, it will balance by the interval r guliers few seconds. Your objective will be to progress to the top by climbing the ladders. Observe the stone blocks that you sent, waiting for the right moment to laugh with your progress.

Blocks roll on the slopes, so you can use you as a shield to the scales do not touch you. Based on the directional arrow that will move you, press the top one to climb the ladder and avoid the boulder. R ussis a climb to the top for r cup rer created the files and has won the game.

You will not have time constraints in the game Your only goal is to get to the top for r succeed. Warning you just get three lives to try to succeed r level. Does wasting no lest thou be obliged to take the game more you approach the top, the more g ant King Kong will send you the blocks with chaining. Acquire a good technique, which enables you to move very quickly while avoiding the boulders and arrives quickly at the top. D g ant trust the chimpanzee, deceives his vigilance and climbs on the last scale r cup rer your documents.

Good Luck!

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