Flash game Assassins Greed

Assassins Greed an adventure platform game

Log on page offers you the possibility to play the game Assassins Greed. There is little differ from the c lebre Assassins creed in which you are charged with conspiracy to play all corrupt and enemies of the state. In this version of the game you're in the shoes of a hired killer and all the plotters contact you to carry out their dirty work.

You're greedy and lent all, what matters is you rich even if you have you take a innocent. In addition, age and strange lady offers you a large sum of money to kill the king and you r vele a secret passage in the old dungeon which leads directly into the private room of King e. You put way to accomplish your mission. However, the road is not safe and is dotted with traps that you should avoid throughout your riple p. You can for example be to cut with circular saws. You will among other things has to show a certain address for esp rer achieve your goal and r cup rer the rest of the booty promised ex after execution of the market. Guide the killer with fl ch s on your keyboard buttons, the X button is used to open you doors and other things, to pick up the key, jump on it.

Nothing to do with these monotonous games, this time, it is beautiful and well m singing wins. If you like adventure games you'll love this one, which may be best. Moreover it meets the success on the web and his note reached 14/20.

What are you waiting for to try going there. Be the height of waiting for your partner and trying every possible means to liquidate the king as agreed in your contract. Good luck to you!

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