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D crowd you in this awesome war game! We can finish the arm e d as a group of people belonging to a military body, it can be of finite if compared to its armament we all know him for material support for its destiny of defense and attack. Many countries identify their strength and power from it, even if videment the economy of a country is used as a measure of its power and strength. During the history of the human being of many countries that have used the arm to e r Gler their differ and thus their powers and as and as adversity was great they strengthened and attacks were more powerful.

It is quite sensible to believe that the power of the arm e may win a battle or even a war, it is as well as during the Second World War the power of the arm e alli Forces es, has enabled the latter to win the war facing their opponents. Battalion Commander is a game inspired wars in taking up almost the same strat gies, and the steps taken to conduct a war. Battalion Commander is a p mite!

He reconsidered brilliantly shooter genre. You serras amen from a mission with your e arm against the forces with which you fight. . It will use the computer material support for the operation of the game, taking control of individuals by you, the placement of these individuals, and the elimination of your enemies. In fact you will serve you the smiles to take control of your arm and e of place through the diff annuities areas. You'll have to put your men with your mouse. Other troops will flock to you as and as you advance.

Come join the virtual world of war. Good luck! How to play a Battalion Checkout Make your move with the mouse arm e. Use the super weapons by clicking it.

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