Flash game Bloons Tower Defense

Bloons Tower Defense exploding balloons with strategy

D splits the tower pulv risant all the balloons before they get to reach the input e. Buy a Dart Tower that allows you to ANTIR year by a balloon launch and chose a good position to aim well and quickly destroy all the balloons. Do not let a single ball reach the input e. Earns more points and progress to other levels sup laughing. With the points earned s buy super powerful towers that will allow you to destroy one shot several groups of balloons.

You like Tower Defense games in the genre? For those who do not know the games Tower Defense games are gn ally action. Bloons Tower Defense'm no exception to the rule.

It is a very good action game and it has the same principles as the Tower Defense game genre. To laugh of the game, click on the image of the game Your main goal is to explode the balloons trying to s' escape in Bloons Tower Defense.

How to play Bloons Tower Defense?

The game is made only by means of the mouse. Click on the menu to the right of your game screen to s lectionner type of tricks you would like to have the field to the left of the screen.

You have the choice between the Dart Tower (the tower arrow) or the character is a monkey that shoots arrows; Tack the Tower (Tower nail), a tower that fires nails; Ice Tower (the tower of ice), a tower which launches ice on balloons; the Bomb Tower (Tower bomb), a tower that balance bombs and finally the Super Monkey (super ape), a monkey that shoots bursts of arrows. Then click on the ground to ask for your turn at the location desired. Be careful you can do to put the pav What côt way. Once your towers are arranged, click the "Start Round" button to start the wave of balloons. You have a total of 40 lives, it makes a lot. Court game, you can buy ammunition and towers of defenses after each round.

A very good original enough for fans of the genre action game. D covers it alone or invite your friends to play a game with you. Their shows that you're the best player Bloons Tower Defense.

D cleave yourself and good luck!

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