Flash game Bojo

Bojo new platform adventure

In this adventure game, using Bojo ad defuse bombs. You have to go an entire area to collect bombs before they explode, you must act quickly because each bomb has its own timer, you will only have a few seconds before they explode on you face. Control your man with M and Q keys to move forward or backward in all directions. Passes over a bomb to pick it up. You earn points for every bomb you r ussis has collected. The mission will not be easy.

It will become increasingly complicated e next level. Traverses the entire area, fitted on the scales to collect bombs. In each level you have a number of bombs collect to progress to the next level. Of the game enough and the bombs start to appear observe their timers, they marrent of all with a stopwatch fifty seconds growing.

Begins with the First appearing before going to the following. If a bomb is on your way, pick it also saves time. You'll have to do very quickly.

The bombs explode and you lose a life. You will only have five lives in total to win the game and advance to level sup laughing. When you finish a game, a code will appear, holds, it allows you to progress to the next levels. The more you advance the more you'll have to do very quickly in your mission collector bombs. If you see a bomb that began to show in ten of the account when you do not have arrived at its height, Loigne yourself.

D Place your snowman from right to left and top to bottom. R harvest every bomb on your way very quickly and ends the game by winning the most points. Good luck!

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