Flash game Book of Mages

Book of Mages an adventure game about the war against the forces of good and evil

You live one of the most poustouflants adventures and funniest. Like the Greek mythologies where the gods clashed, you will spend moments merveilleux.Tu are a human and you never pens one day that you can prepare yourself before the gods to face, who would even pens one day is this possible? Well, the Book Of Mages game gives you the opportunity to fight a battle mercilessly s with the gods you get out alive from this battle, we will know later. For mages face in a world directed by the masters of fire and water is not draining. Book Of Mages is an adventure game ad cover without delay!

During the game, two armies clash, the troops of the god of water and the troops of the god of fire. Fighters from each troupe FOUND s low point of the other and seeks to dominate each other. While each of the two ad cid e troops divide into six battalions. An overpowered mage is distinguished from other, Name: The Great Mage! There ar gn for a very long time before chaos arrives.

At this time, out of nowhere a valiant man arrived, he called Wilson. You embodies the young man in this great adventure. Observes the deus troops and chose your camp. Once you have chosen your side n make workouts before going to the front to fight your enemies. Serre-you mouse to navigate from the card.

Arrive until the battle arena and back! Make the choice of your strat gy of fighting between defense, attack and strokes sp cial. Your Mana points are your points of energy, they are very important to launch strong attacks against the most formidable enemy camps.

Good luck!

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