Flash game Bullet Dodge

Bullet Dodge action game, adventure and combat

Welcome to the world of combat and adventure in which you go into a dangerous and p rilleuse mission. In the action game Bullet Dodge, you'll be a soldier who is sent on a mission whose goal is to stop at all costs hyper dangerous terrorists. The mission will not be very easy for you, because you have the misfortune of losing your weapon or when your rally point repere, no bowl.

Face three bitter enemies who have one mission you bombard thoroughly and t eliminate. You must show all your talents soldiers off peers. You'll have to be quick and lively in order to advance to face your enemies who are agile and dexterous.

How to Play Dodge a Bullet?

M for the mechanism of the game is as follows: As you know you must show all your capacity s super soldier. Face the bullets of your enemies, you gotta avoid skipping or lowering you to dodge. To do this you must use the arrow keys on the keyboard. Button allows you to jump high, the bottom button to stoop and avoid the bullets.

Other tricks are good ie also during your mission when you dodge draws level, you can press the spacebar to become invincible for a few seconds, you have exactly five seconds to try to win the same 2500 time points. Do not forget also, when dodge level t twice, pressing the Ctrl key to slow movements. Immersed in this world of hostile action or you must fight to survive and succeed in your mission. C'mon soldier pr shield you to live a moment of suspense, share your scores with your friends and play with them in order to know which is the best soldier among you.

Let's play!

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