Flash game Castlevania

Castlevania platform game and vampire adventure

Pars adventure with Castlevania Adventure game atmosphere vampire! With Castlevania, inspiration of the Dracula saga, hunting vampire looming on the horizon. In this game if you like killing criminals blood sucking vampire s call, pr adorn yourself a moment to read, killing ph nal name.

The game is to eliminate the vampires and other monsters lying on your route. Castlevania is a series of games s vid o By konami said, to end in 1986 and ad pass twenty episodes. Games show the theme of the confrontation of good against evil through the myth of the vampire. The ros h game through Dracula's castle filled with various monster like zombies, bats, skeletons you can avoid or kill and you must also avoid falling into the traps min diss her through the cas teau.

At the end of each level, h ro faces a resistant and smarter than others who once defeated frees the transition to the level that follows much r monster. S monsters you sometimes bring to h ro a weapon, a soul or an object that you can use against them in your quest. The objects delivered by the boss s are important for the final part. Following this game is probably one of the most respect to e s cot mario, zelda or even megaman.

This thanks to a very tick esth Gothic and band are of very good quality which reached their apogee e filling the expectations of fans of Dracula .. How to play Castlevania? It is very easy to play because only play with the keyboard, use the spacebar to jump and direction buttons for you to move forward or backward. To jump, use the space bar to attack and the key alt gr.

The scoreboard is at the bottom of the game screen has a cot in red bar indicates the percentage you power you have left in the game was careful not to over do you have for small monsters before reaching the great Dracula.

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