Flash game Chasm

Chasm adventure game point and click

Help a little platypus ar establish the water bond in the city Chasm, super adventure game point and click!

You're in search of a game very exciting adventure, here's a great game titled Chasm. A nice game in which you'll play as a charming blue platypus. During the game you're going to have an adventure to rebuild a bridge.

You'll have to bring water to your village, the water passed through a bridge that was used to bring water to the village and the bridge no longer exists. The adventure is exciting and offers a real adventure during play r solve it you must go around the bucket r water supply. R the bucket is made of pipes, valves, and other dams. You'll have to use all these equipments so that the water can flow as far as possible. It there are plenty of puzzles diff annuities that you should solve r and also you will live real fun times. You have to be careful and good looking around and not h siter to try all id are passing through your mind.

Some puzzles are not easy. The graphics of the game is very well done and all the effects were well t s r alis. NONC as you'll have to step back and carefully analyze the puzzles and show much niosit ing on the path of the water.

The attainment is really great fun.

How to play a Chasm?

To play it just requires you to be pr by and do not forget you owe r cup rer energy in order to continue in the game for the mechanism m the game, know that you just have to use your mouse to guide the beaver the area you wish.

Does not miss more time to play and cover these moments of pleasure. You can play with everyone ca either with your family or friends because the game is really exciting and easy to play because the m mechanism is very simple. Plays fast and share your score if you like. Good luck along with your pet pr f r!

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