Flash game Civ Wars 2

Civ Wars 2 adventure game of strategy and conquest

Come to cover the new installment of the cult saga of adventure games, Use Strategy, and conquest: Civ Wars 2!

Take the reins of an arm and conquer all enemy territories that are on your way. More battle you win, the more your arm will be strong e! The game allows you to save your progress to resume where you are in and move deeper into the adventure! Go ahead and be the commander that your men and your people waiting! Do not d bec, and leads the way to victory and the Supreme conquest.

How to play a Civ Wars 2?

To play Civ Wars 2 is simple: start by clicking "Play"! If you d ja pl, you'll be able to load one of your backups by clicking "Load game". A small vid o introduction will show you the context of the game, if you would pass, click the small arrows that appear on the top right of the screen. You can then choose the ros h with whom you would like to conduct your e arm to victory. Click on the ros h that thou hast chosen, and go to war against your enemies to find the missing princess. Each battle of rolls on a map.

You start with a building which contains 60 soldiers. To attack enemy ships, click on your garrison and release when you click the mouse positioned on the building you want to attack. You can also use your power, which is matte rialis the blue crystal at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to activate it, then click on the area you would like to tackle.

You have won the battle when all enemy buildings will t e taken by your arm! Rose card card to finish the game!

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