Flash game Darkness Project

Darkness Project a strategy game War

In this game of war and adventure, take control of your arm e d to destroy the enemy troops and won the battle. You embody the role of a commander of the DM Corporation is a secret organization cr e in order to r GNER peace in the country. A very deadly project named Darkness is about to be launched by the Russians, the project risk to destroy the entire population if no r USSI has interrupt. In your first mission, a secret facility in Turkey situ e t rep re satellites, your main task will be to destroy the installation of bending all the artillery put a your disposal. You ponds with fifteen tanks of sharks very powerful and you should use them with precision pr and avoid to lose one. Also used the licopteres h which are by s arm, but they will allow you to transport your troops soldiers.

From time to time up to your unit s platform r repair to recharge their level of energy. Attention, secret facility is very well-kept e. As commander of the whole arm e, r succeed you need to combine attacks with all your unit s to d destroy the secret installation. Use arrows on the keyboard to browse the map and place your troops. Click on a unit to s lectionner and move.

For a trigger to fire on a target, click on the unit you want to activate and click on the target to destroy d. You can also zoom in or back to have a vision pr decision of the target by pressing the button with the plus sign or negative n. Course all the combat zone, repere positions enemy tanks, positioned in your unit s strat cal locations and r ussis your first mission completely truisant of this installation.

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