Flash game David

David is an adventure game in arcade

Welcome to our page. We offer you a new game that you can play David limitless. David is an adventure game in which our h ro must perform the diff annuity commissions of his old father. David, son of his old father shepherd of the Roman era. The principle of this game is to help David to prove to his father to become an also turn good shepherd and take over his father. R ussis all missions you will be confi es and earn the respect of your dad.

In each work, you must bring a certain number of sheep at each level in a time of well over. Your items will increase every time you find a sheep so do everything possible to bring the sheep over each step. You also have the opportunity to increase your score by picking as much fruit (apple, orange, pepper and many others) and pre cious stones during the tour. However you should avoid all animals (lions and bears) that are on the way so as not to kill you. You are in possession of 3 hearts at the top of the screen left who feel represents your number lives to achieve ar succeed every level.

David is a very wonderful humor game with a beautiful landscape. To play this game you must use the keys on your keyboard to place David power, plus being a precise, the left softkey for the cot and the right to the opposite cot. The top allows you to jump and finally down to the squat.

Also uses the space bar to fall asleep these wild animals. At a certain level of play you'll have to use the "input e" in order to change weapon. Be the long awaited shepherd of his father.

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