Flash game Enter to the House

Enter to the House adventure game

D covers Enter to the House and plays a soldier who must sneak back home without making any noise!

Enter to the House is an adventure game very cap by lover vid o online games on the internet. This game is a very int esting, practical and modern has won its place in the top games of the moment. In this game, he is a soldier, a member of the third chelon who returned victorious from a mission and decides to go to celebrate his success with his soldier friends.

After having permission from his girlfriend who gave him an hour to go, the soldier goes out with her friends, and spent a night of madness e, up to pass the time at which he was supposed to go. He returned to r alit much later than pr seen. You have to play the role of a soldier who returns home late in the game. Do you realize that you lost your cl e s during the evening. Your girlfriend is sleeping and you must return to bed without her noticing the time.

You need pn Trer into the house to lie down in your bed without your girlfriend noticing. You must use all your skills for comp pn Trer in the house without making any noise so as not to ensure r. Counter furtivit and your health gauge are represented feels his right of your screen. D disables the alarm before it sounds stealthily following the instructions that will pr submit during the game

How to play Enter to the House?

The game is played with the mouse and space bar on the keyboard. Follow the instructions and launch yourself into this adventure game and r flexion.

Good luck!

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