Flash game Epic Battle Fantasy 4

4 Epic Battle Fantasy RPG, adventure and action

Come to cover Epic Battle Fantasy 4 great RPG, adventure, and action!

Found 4 h ros Anna Girl 100% organic, Matt human shield, Natalie sexy bomb and Lance obs of guns! They will face terrifying enemies Golem crystal oldest living rock formation, Pr torienn super secret military project and Rafflesia, which smells of death. After having overcome my d Akron in the episode 3, they began to plunder villages in thinking that all of them was, making enemies quickly.

Anna, believing that Matt, Natalie and Lance were flying green cistal, launches a pursuit!

How to play Epic Battle Fantasy 4?

To play Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is very simple, start by clicking on "Play" to start the game! Use your mouse to place of int and hemorrhage with your environment. D Place your mouse until it represented a man who feels short of place for you to interact with people and the environment, places your cursor over them until it becomes a point of exclamation or question and click the point.

To move from one screen to another, you instead of your cursor over the edge of the screen so that it turns into arrow, and then click to change screen. The goal of the game, you try to talk with all the people of the village, and they will deliver to you an explanation of the functioning of the environment, fighting, interactions, objects, etc ... The goal of the game, you incarnate Anna launches a continuation of other ros h, e they persuaded flight green crystal his village.

You launch a pursuit by eliminating monsters that stand in your way one after the other. Try to catch them one by one to make them join your team! With their help, nothing can stop you!

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