Flash game Exmortis 2

Exmortis 1 February terrifying adventure game in the coffins of hell

Pars adventure with Exmortis 2 and book the world of these evil forces. Do you dare to confront in your mortal combat and the world of lib rer m songs? Peaceful, tranquil, it is fun and that was the earth until the day appeared from nowhere hordes of Exmortis. A disaster such as the world has never known what has hit the ground. In one last battle for men to defend their e dear planet, a group of survivors has remained standing.

But nothing to do invaders are so strong that the war began watching these brave souls. Thus arises nowhere a brave stranger who decides to put their plan failure. Be brave the unknown and plunges into the bloody world dominated from these evil cific forces. D cheeks all their plans and frees brings back the light in your world. You get into this church in the countryside, you see a world plogu into chaos, blood everywhere and it'll put you off. Cides to you then help them to freedom fighters and put an end to these horrors.

R tablis order in this world and brings back peace to these men. Use your mouse to place your cursor over the diff ent settings of the game to open the door or grab an object clicked. You rangeras objects r rs cup in the top right corner of the screen for use with the ment of the core you just have to click on it. A small sound of music, light effects and an eerie atmosphere will accompany you throughout the game.

The game is played with the mouse, you cliqueras whenever ment on the game to progress. Lovers of great anguish and thrills you are served. Good luck!

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