Flash game Fire Catcher

Fire Catcher adventure against the arcade fire

Visit the showcase that offers you the cream of the free games on the internet where you have the flexibility to play a Fire hide. You have the soul of a ro h, you'll love Fire Catche and appr cial sc nario the game Fire disaster devastates the city and there is only you to dye this devilish fire and rescue survivors. Between the skin of a firefighter and take over.

Equipped with an ax, you must go to the source to stop the fire. But the road to break you block the road and small home fire you are also obstacle. To you of the levers that will allow you to dye fire because if you are, burnt Pier and then you die you will leave the inhabitants in danger. You can also place objects d and serve you. Eg to climb higher, you can use a barrel that will support you. Also guide your h ro with WASD with your mouse you'll attack or cut wood, it also serves you a hit a target.

With the E button you can activate a key, for example, a lever or interact with other objects. The Space button you will return to life. Opening a chest you get the extra energy commentary. As you and evolves as you earn new weapons, the Q button helps you to change weapon.

You will then have only to activate it to use a weapon adapted ea your opponent. You're the savior in Fire Catcher, be brave and go to the end of your mission. This game is suitable to everyone from the smallest to the largest, nobody is margin.

In your keyboard and embodies the brave fireman cid has released its city vastateur of the fire. Have fun

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