Flash game Flash Sonic

Flash Sonic a new adventure!

Sonic finds the small h risson the world's fastest blue in this platform game and supersonic adventure. D vale diff ferent stages in record time. Embodies your ros h pr f r s; Sonic, the blue risson h, Tails the fox have two tails and Knuckles the tapyr to steel dots or dot the charming Cream e magical powers in this r explains the game Sonic Advance 2; on Game Boy Advance (c lebre handheld console the Japanese company Nintendo). The game concept, created by SEGA m lange action platform and humor studio. Always fast, courageous Sonic and his friends must prevent machiav lic plans of mad scientist Dr.

Eggman who seeks conquest er the world. To do so, he wants to take all the emeralds CHAOS to operate its great war machine. Each character has its own s capacity, and if you want r cup rer all the chaos emeralds will require proof of concentration in order to find all the hidden medals m es in diff ferent levels of the game universe of this graphic episode is still shimmering. If we find the traditional plains or volcanoes, some levels are more original and bring a lot of freshness.

There has to seen that is passing through a musical world filled with music notes and piano keys. To play, help thee keys to you and to place restraints on the space key to jump. Help yourself to the DOWN button to roll your character into a ball and destroy all d and on your way. Finished the course in record time r coltant maximum possible rings.

Avoids you hit your enemies and jump to their always on because they will make you lose all your rings. D made the differ ent Boss and helps Sonic lib rer small animals enferm s.

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