Flash game Ghost Wrath

Ghost Wrath adventure game and ghost

D covers Ghost Wrath and embodies a ros h which eliminates poorly cific spectra!

If you like adventure games, you'll love Ghost Wrath very quickly, a very addictive game in which you'll be a true savior and h ros in a planet teeming with evil cific beings. In a planet and a very hostile and dangerous environment, you will face the evil specters cific still looking to feed on the life force they encounter along the way. With the coming of the savior, the climate becomes more hostile. We must therefore go with pr deposit to save the planet and destroy these evil cific spectra. The graphics of the game is quite clear with sound effects that r lay a good adventure.

With all this, you'll quickly empreigner you in a world of adventure and action. Here is the ros h n and you must help her survive chappant to the voracity of the other spectra. Affine quickly your Use Strategy amid this hostile environment and trying to help the savior save the planet from the hands of these villains beings who live in this environment.

How to Play a Ghost Wrath?

To play it takes you to do advance ros h via the arrow keys on the keyboard that will allow us to be able to take arranged to kill monsters course. Now to shoot and hit you'll have to click the buttons S and A to be the means at your disposal to fight your enemies. So you're immersed in a hostile atmosphere, always threatened. If you want you can play with your friends to see which succeed in saving the planet. Share your scores to make you know as master savior.

Pink and am just waiting for you so that you help to save his planet. Let's play!

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