Flash game Ice Cream Racing

Ice Cream Racing adventure game, car racing, platform and arcade

D covers the adventure game, car racing, platform and arcade Ice Cream Racing Chat now to win car races are Candy!

Do you like racing games car? You'll love the game Ice Cream Racing, which many think of "The Adventures Of Ralph: Sugar Rush"! You'll enter a world where everything is made of candy and Ice Cream e! Monte on board a vehicle and golf v 20 levels differ ent that offers you the game! Sometimes face a one or four opponents, you'll have to tweak and use candy sp cial to attack your opponents, hindering their way, and to get ahead first!

A maximum harvest cookies on your path, and r achieves the objectives indicated in s goal of each race to multiply your points, and customize your v vehicle. And thou shalt come to overcome the difficulty of each level!

How to play Ice Cream Racing?

To play Ice Cream Racing is very simple! D to put your v vehicle, you'll have to use the directional arrows on your keyboard: the top to move forward, and those on the left and right to balance the position of your vehicle after your backflips v (flights in the air). More you advance in the game, the more you bn ficieras points that will allow you to improve your VEHICLE_IN_TRANSIT am: the ability of your turbo am improve your speed, the size of your wheels, the body of your vehicle to you prot ger attacks g lifi es, your engine and your suspensions.

In addition, to meet the objectives of each race, you can use the points r s colt by cookies to double your speed, cr er a barrier to enemy attacks, bn acquirable a boost to startup of the race or double again won the title the main points of each cookie cup r r way. You'll be able to customize your car and become a formidable opponent! Let yourself be enchanted by this world without leaving Candy overcome by other competitors or catch up Crocro!

Good luck, good game and have fun though!

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