Flash game The removal of Billy Bob

The removal of an unusual adventure Billy Bob & funny

Be the first ad cover this adventure while Point and Click hilarious. Billy Bob is an adventure game with a thundering removal simplicity of the enticingly s very first seconds and really endearing. Pr then adorn yourself to play the role of Billy Bob Mayor of Broken carriages, PEELED by UFOs. In this game you have to fight a battle against your opponent who is an insurance company named e Mystique in which our mayor had taken out an insurance policy to justice. Insurance underwritten by our dear mayor was a policy against abductions by UFOs. To win the game finds clues to numbers 15 and gives the replies of the five questions posed are on the case to be ready for the court.

Among the clues you find items (some hidden s), get as evidence by talking to characters, and all kinds of irr regularity s and other red herrings. When you get a clue, it is automatically added to your file. You can always consult your folder by clicking the handle e suitcase at the bottom of the game screen, then click on the computer icon. More you master your subject and your technique will evolve. Use the mouse to place objects, get clues, and order Mc Greed very mu talking to other extras. You will not have much time to get all the clues, or twenty minutes, after which you will appeal to the Court of Appeal.

If you think you collect enough clues in less than twenty minutes, open your calendar where you will find a button "go to court." Just click above to try your luck at any time with the clues you are able to collect. But if you Choues, you lose the game. Then focuses you and good luck.

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