Flash game Little Ninja

Little Ninja

Embark on an adventure with Little Ninja!

It all begins in a small town peaceful and prosperous ninja. All the inhabitants lived in harmony and were proud of their peaceful village. One night, a terrifying brotherhood of wicked ninjas decided to invoke a demon of the ancient time to rule the world.

The village is then plunged into the darkness and desolation. No hope of healing seemed fresh out of existence when a young little ninja school embarks on a wild adventure; destroy the demon ninja and organization who invoked to restore peace in the village. For this, our young hero has several ninja weapons and techniques that will help to defeat his enemies. You embody the young hero full of good wills, in every situation you will have the ability to teleport you from one place to another thanks to the rich teachings of the school ninja.Grace has this power, shalt thou make for different angles of attack to surprise your enemies. You will have your disposal kunais and shurikens which are types of essential weapons survival of any good self-respecting ninja.

Mene has reconquest of your mission and come to the end of all the enemies that you want to block the road. By eliminating the demon ninja, you will bring back peace in your village and life can flare.

How to Play a Little Ninja?

Here everything is controlled with the help of your mouse to interact. Help yourself mouse to switch weapons and use the technique of teleportation, by clicking on the corresponding icons in the bottom left. You can also switch weapons by pressing 1, 2 and 3 on your keyboard.

To get support on the left Click your mouse, a little trick viewfinder automatically draws to facilitate your spear.

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