Flash game Lone Faction

Lone Faction adventure futuristic arcade

Immersed in the heart of an incredible adventure and tries t 'escape an infested laboratory robots finished all of his te ANTIR! Lone Faction is a very intense action game in which you can have a good time for pure tent. You're a very Advanced Features artificial intelligence e. Artificial intelligence is "seeking ways to equip computer systems s intellectual capacity comparable to those of human beings." The concept of strong artificial intelligence is a reference rf machine can not only produce intelligent behavior, but to prove it r printing a self-consciousness, "true feelings" (whatever may be put behind these words), and "a compr standing of its own reasoning." You're a robot high volume and even your fears have created THE ART your potentialit s. They are aware of their riorit inf and for these reasons, they seek to destroy you d. Your objective will be to succeed in combat r attacks your enemy so many t 'vader the influence of mechanical gear m present in person in every corner of the scientific research center.

Your mission will not be easy because your opponents are well and rested his arm s get you your birthday. Prevents DISSIMUL gear s all up and you throw fire lasers. If thou receive, thou shalt explode. For d abut the game, click the Play button.

Then control your super robot through the levels of the game through the arrow keys on your keyboard. UP button allows you to jump and turn your trofus r e, the key DOWN crouch, that of LEFT back and go back and that the RIGHT to move forward. Tire on your opponents with the help of your super weapon kicking laser thanks to the SPACE key

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