Flash game Maxim's Seaside Adventure

Maxim's Seaside Adventure game that has a dog

Maxim's Seaside is an adventure game where you'll help a little dog avoid obstacles. Maxim is a small dog on his skateboard at the edges of the beach during the t with a very sunny and very warm weather. It is the path of the city in search of food more particularly bone. This is why it really needs your help to succeed his r hunting party bone. Maxim just waiting for you to embark on this adventure. Your help it will be very very important in a time limit, to catch the maximum possible bone.

There are three kinds of bone and pick each of them with the number of points you can earn. Brown gives you one point, two points gives white and yellow that can bring you up to three points. Bones will be suspended in the air, you have to help Maxim jump on his skateboard and take the bone. Maxim to guide uses the arrow keys on the keyboard. High key enables you to jump in order to avoid the obstacles in your path pr senteront including tree branches at risk of dropping and beach balls coming out of everywhere. quickly as other dogs on your way.

The more you advance with your puppy on his skateboard over the level of difficulty of the game increases. You're gonna r galer accompanying Maxim in this adventure of hunting the bone. Maxim Seaside Adventure is a game with which you can laugh while remaining concentrated and finished. A special piano music, graphics and a beach atmosphere of good moments that make the beauty of this game Let's play and help your character ar reap more points.

Take pleasure and amuse yourself!

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