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Mayhem menu reference Game Waitress in restaurant

On this page you can play free Menu Mayhem has one of the best adventure games on the internet platform. Indeed, in Mayhem Menu you are in the role of a waitress working in a beautiful small fast food. Your objective is to satisfy the more customers n cessaires without confusion. To do this you must serve by providing a control abs time. After taking the customer's order directs you to the bar or kitchen and s selects the dish or drink.

D up your server with the arrow keys left, right, top and bottom. Customers often pass their orders one by one so be careful and vigilant. Evite also people who walk in the restaurant because they will slow you down. If the small white chrono over a customer is filled with red, it goes because he is tired of waiting, so you should act quickly so as not to leave from all customers. The space of your keyboard allows you to ask the customer what he wants to. Menu Mayhem is perfect for younger children, as the game allows you to learn ag rer and have a view from the restaurant.

Moreover, everyone just play without worry. A small music accompanies your doings in the game in order not to bore you. You have the choice between two characters, a girl and a boy. So go ahead darkens. Section of the instruction object of the game provides you with information on how to place you.

Press Play to start the game and shows how much faith you know g rer. In addition, a small white and violet situ e bar at the bottom of your screen indicates the time remaining you for your mission. Good game

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