Flash game Milki W

W milki a puzzle game presented as objects caches

Welcome to our page where we come to you from a game that will bring you a good r fl chir is Miki W. This is an adventure game that rolls in from a circus. The circus is a group of artists cant traditionally itin which includes most of the num ros dressage and domptages acrobats and animals. Gn ral troupe this circus Miki W e bought to participate in the show by all or it will be organized. But what arises is that Miki W is not theirs, it is from another race (this is an alien).

This circus troupe took hostage and not the lib rer want then he had to fulfill its contract with the latter. So your mission is to aim Miki W out in the arm these criminals. You'll have to find Miki W alien who does imprisoned in the famous circus then it will bring a return to his ship. You have to go to the circus and try to gather all the indices allow you to find it. R Cupere first key is the most important, she has lead a push your mission.

Miki W enferm is in a room that you can succeed if and only if you managed FOUND all the ments paramount. This adventure game is a puzzle, he cogitate, asks to be very vigilant and a little intelligence. To use an object, click on it and then brings it on anywhere of the screen or you really want to use it.

You cliques yet again for reuse. You serve only the mouse. Help Miki retrouv his spaceship to go home. Have fun for free online.

Courage and amuse yourself!

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