Flash game No Aureole, No Entry

No Aureole, No Entry

Discovers a new adventure of Cupido, the protector of paradise!

Cupido was responsible for the most important and essential it is mission. Your mission: kill everything that has no aureole and wants to invade the magical realm of paradise, otherwise say all demons from hell. Hence the name Aureole No, No Entry, indeed the demons from hell attack paradise extend their dominion over the kingdom of heaven. They are willing to sacrifice everything and will stop at no enemies.

So you'll have to show courage and repel the armed forces demons with you using your bow and magic arrows. Some of your allies have been goest capture, frees them trapped angels and destroy these beasts come straight from hell, through 24 fun levels that will test your agility and address. You can choose to fire directly at your enemies or use objects to cause a chain reaction that ends with the total destruction of all the demons.

During your adventure you will have your arrangement of objects that will help you in your mission as balls fitted peaks. These interactive objects will keep you alert and on your journey you will encourage a more improve your score. You're still the only bulwark standing between the evil demons and the holy gates of heaven.

Filled with brilliance and your mission is to guard the peace reign in the kingdom of heaven.

How to play a No Aureole, no entry?

In this melant adventure agility alone smiled game will come in handy.

With it you can aim and fire your arm. To assay shooting your bow will suffice you to watch the gauge and control the power and scope of your spear.

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