Flash game Pharaoh's tomb

Pharaoh's tomb a mysterious adventure for gold miners

Assistant to a professor of Nevada Smith covers the existence of a very outgoing in Egypt. Content covered with this, he thinks of the cover with the help of his teacher. But to no avail: the teacher is left alone to its research, esp rant cover glory in place of Smith. Remont by this betrayal, he decides to pack up in Egypt and try to find it before the teacher tr sor buried. To get his revenge, Nevada will have to explore the depths of its pyramids. And do not think this is a cakewalk: mummies and other monsters will attack you.

Pharaoh's Tomb is a game r tro platform which happens to be the processor of pr Arctic Adventure. You embody Nevada Smith, a geologist arch and adventurer who explores an Egyptian pyramid. The game consists of four episodes (Raiders of the Lost Tomb, Pharaoh's Curse, Temple of Terror and Nevada's Revenge). Each episode features 20 levels.

Seeks through these 20 levels. You have to avoid the traps and obstacles, eliminates enemies and find the cl s to get out of the level. You have a life bar repr e feels a bottle at the bottom of the screen. The amount of gold and collect e map of the tomb are also visible at the bottom of the screen. This bottle is emptied of its green liquid as a measures you touch the obstacles. fast monsters and traps that can reduce your standard of living.

You can use potions to er gu your wounds. Trying to get out of the graves as fast as you can, but most importantly, is unscathed. Escaped alive from the tomb of the pharaoh. Avoid the hazards and traps and collect as much gold as possible. Vials of potions you use a gu er your wounds.

Guide your adventurer with the arrows on the keyboard.

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