Flash game Pixel Pete

Pixel Pete arcade, adventure and agility

Pars adventure in Pixel Pete, a great arcade, adventure and agility game!

Do you like adventure games? You like being fired action and participate in quests? You'll like this funny and refreshing game that will bring you a good mood in your journ e. "Pixel Pete" is a super simple adventure game, where you will have to complete a quest by working dogs.

No offense to you, it is not a forced labor or hard work. Dogs r alisent moreover with pleasure. The principle is simple. You are a dog trainer and purpose of each party, you must choose one of the dogs that you dresses to fill her quest.

How to play a Pixel Pete?

Once you have chosen the dog you put yourself in his skin and you help to fill his quest. Help him through levels while collecting bonuses. soon as the dangers currently in the course, if you touch them, they will drain your energy. soon as your enemies, there are all kinds of danger that would make you lose a life if you touched. You'll lose your energy and your water gauge as and as you volueras in the game You can supply you with energy by picking the bones on the ground, and r rant cup water bottles available at along the way. You can also stop you for you to drink a puddle if you press the button fl e c low of keyboard you're up to a puddle. There are also bonus sp cial available in the game, if you collect them, they will help to improve the capacity s am your dog.

Collect all the sheep that you see and brings them to the end of the road. S selects your character and r ussis all levels "Pixel Pete"

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