Flash game Polar rescue

Polar rescue adventure game

In this adventure game Polar Rescue, your mission is to guide a penguin on ice mountains to the lib rer. Polar Rescue is a game that runs to the heart of the ice block with lots of snow, our beloved penguin friend is unfortunately retrouv stuck in this place and you will be the only friend on whom he could rely on to succeed Dr. to get by. Bricks of ice are formed everywhere s and must skip them to go to the top where is the exit door.

How to play a Polar Rescue?

To play, use the directional arrows on the keyboard, brings it in every direction from left to right, made the jump from spinning on a rock and waits for it to move it forward on another. Tiny balls of snow in some places r parties, collect them all.

Your objective in this game is to reach the area with the yellow canvas to succeed r level. Throughout the game, you will have six penguins as standard of living. If you fall or if you make yourself pierced by spears into ice, you lose a life. If you lose all your lives, the game ends and you lose.

You can use the white balls as trampoline, they will allow you to gain height to better achieve your r jumps. Small guide through these mountains of ice and frees it to move very quickly to a next level. In Polar Rescue, you must show great concentration and use a lot of agility to maneuver your friend. The game is not won an advance because the more you advance in levels sup laughing, the harder the game gets complicated.

You will meet highly complex configurations and you must properly calculate your trajectory to avoid falling. Frees the little penguin quickly and wins. Good luck!

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