Flash game Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia adventure game, arcade and platform

Find your ros h pr en in Prince of Persia, great adventure game, arcade and platform!

As was usual, the adventure game Prince Of Persia offers real moments of suspense and tent. In an atmosphere of Arabian Nights, you'll embody the Prince of Persia in a new exciting adventure that takes the first levels of the game Legend of Prince of Persia. You have to stop the Vizier before he frees the hourglass and you are willing only 8 minutes to succeed your mission and r acc der the dungeon where the is the famous vizier and off. You'll be in a dale of corridors and you'll have to be careful about the precipices pr, full of traps, the slabs of robant underfoot, outgoing peaks in their approach. You'll have to find yourself vials that are in various places and you can save the energy or even allow you to increase your maximum energy.

It will also require you to go into battle facing the guards who are present in person, you'll have to face them in a fight the p e. Well done an adventure game and great action in which you're going to very quickly attach and make you experience moments of pleasure and of tent. The landscape of the game is superbly well done and the game's graphics are very addictive. The visual effects of the game are well r alis s and offers a world of true adventurer and super int esting action. You must be quick and agile to face these dangers is that before you feel pr.

How to play Prince of Persia?

M for the mechanism of the game, should you use the keyboard arrows to move to all directions.

Press the shift key to cling to walls and pick up objects. You can jump by pressing the space bar. During the phases of combat, use the arrow at the top to attack, the bottom for storing your sword and t 'escape.

Good luck and good game!

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