Flash game Qaz's Quest

Qaz's Quest adventure begins Platform

You like interactive adventure games? Pars d covered with a beautiful world full of fantastic situations will have places. Many surprises await you in the game "Qaz's quest." It starts with untimely thunderstorms.

Water falls from the sky like a raging torrent on the valley e. Qaz suspected that spirits are oddities occur in the area. He must go take a look to be sure that everything goes like clockwork. D now abuts the great adventure entering the game Qaz and tries to find an explanation for VENTS occurring for some time.

Bring your assistance Qaz for it to arrive to fill his quest: Help him to a place of using the directional keys on the keyboard up, down, left, right. Directs it to the diff ferent objects that are in its path. When you arrive a height of an object, press the spacebar to review and have an overview of the use that can be done.

Weasel around, and based on all the objects to see what happens. Sometimes the key to a venement is in a very small thing. So do not leave anything to chance, because in this game nothing is by chance. After Thee is an id e on the object, based again on the space key to interact with, or perform actions. The goal is to make a number of choices in a logical way of ar solve the riddle of the game. Diff annuities pay a visit to people who populate the village, and r harvest information from what they tell you.

You'll may need a commentary extra help at some point in the game you can press the Shift key to open your inventory and see what you can use in every situation. Enter a fabulous world full of mysteries, the quest to be beautiful.

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