Flash game Rudolf revenge

Rudolf revenge agility play a special Christmas

The Christmas is celebrated every 25th of the month of December of this is a special moment children receive gifts. The game of agility Rudolf transcribed this moment magic is pere noel. In the game, le pere noel deliver the presents have small children in time so they can each have a gift and celebrate Christmas without tears.

However, gifts are stuck on trees s and papa noel must find an original way to r cup rer to honor its annual commitment. Indeed, with the help of his magic serf he will reach the summit to take maximum present in person to share in the world. In addition, the serf must give him a shoe to propel it as high as possible in the air and en route he r cup RERA gifts.

A small needle côt rocks just a serf, press the left button of your mouse to aim and hit the trigger shoe. Also, on your screen at the top there is the maximum distance traveled by Dad Christmas during his jump. The branches are small elves often accompanying the character in his travels. For you to aim and achieve the more you can gift if you want to earn a lot of points and to ensure that every toddler has her gift this ann e. As you'll be able?

For more information on how to play this game noel, consult the instructions section in the main menu. Also, a top section 50 is available for viewing the top 50 scores. This game will smile more than one child, they will be even hitch. So do h site more and take your mouse to play a Rudolf.

Have fun!

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