Flash game School Invaders

School Invaders adventure game and shooting

Embodies schoolchildren in need of fight in School Invaders, super adventure game and shooting!

Do you like action games? Especially when they include aliens? School Invaders (Invaders of the school) is a very fun game action. To laugh of the game, click on the image of the game Firstly, you must eliminate the Martians have invaded your school in School Invaders.

Imagine that it is yours, if you like the school then you should not let them. Martians have to Barqu in the school.

How to play a School Invaders?

From a top view, you control one of five schoolchildren that has the game and you must help them to rid themselves of these green and slimy critters. Use the left mouse button to move to a character.

Just click on the spot where you would like to put to you that the character goes there automatically. Aim with the mouse and support the space bar to shoot at enemies. S You can select an alternate character by clicking on the top right of the screen when available. When multiple characters are on the screen, he will rest press the left mouse button to draw a rectangle s election to s lectionner several players.

A very nice graphical realization r with an atmosphere very cartoon has the Ghostbuster and music agr very able. Technically we are quickly admiring the attainment very chiad e title. Each l ing is important, we feel the soft contribution to care at all times.

All this gives rise to a very involved ambiance, captivating a wish but never dark. A great action game and shooting ad cover emergency without delay. Indeed, some geret the fleet in this dream world but it works great to make even more exciting story. Do not wait another second to cover him or make him play has your friends.

They become passionate s. Good game!

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