Flash game Sinjid 2

Sinjid 2 Action adventure game

Pars adventure in Sinjid 2 a great game of action and adventure! In a simply sublime scenery, immerse yourself in a breathtaking adventure. Do you like fighting games, adventure and suspense, you will see that Sinjid 2 is a game that you're going to hang very quickly. M singing Lord Baka has just ordered his formidable invading your village and leave no survivors. Your goal is to fight his assailants to save your life and your lib rer village. Aside from the scenery, sound effects are addictive thoroughly immersing yourself in the game world you'll be a samurai which will go to the mountains and fight the enemy and evil cific roces f. He will fight at p ril his life in order to succeed in your r ultimate mission.

You will meet people, chat with them, should you press the Space key. In this game you will gradually and measure the possibility of acqu er of exp experience, to have money to gain maturity as during your fights.

How to play a Sinjid 2?

To play, you must use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Easy for any direction you choose to take, use the arrow that goes in this direction. To switch to another d cor, help yourself to the space key. Also choose to attack you must use the mouse and bring the choice of attack you wish to undertake. Your turn, be the Samurai outstanding is expected of you. Use Strategy to refine your pr you prepare a face your enemies. An addictive game Sinjid will take you into a world of suspense in which you have to be a real fighter.

Go ahead, do not wait a second, put your coat Samurai and going against a fierce enemy and evil fic and the limines. Very soon become the new champion Sinjid and trust of your friends from your limitations and reach levels lev s in the game and share your score and become the master of the game

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