Flash game Space DX

Space DX shot on space invaders that attack

The objective of this game is to collect the money before the aliens do in charge and reap the r diff ent bonus. Player 1 uses the arrow keys on the keyboard and 0 for the shield, Player 2 uses the W, A, D and space to crack d. You have to pick up the satellite dor s possible before the aliens do cuperent r. In this skill game, you play with your shield and gravity to collect the most money symbolized by satellites dor s before the aliens do r cuperent before you. You should not waste too much fuel and use your shield to you prot ger alien attacks.

Collect bonus diff ent satellites that increase your points fuel, life, and protection. You have the possibility to play solo or two players. For player 1, use the arrows keys to navigate your ship and support the Num 0 key to prot ger. For player 2 uses the W, D keys, A to drive your ship and press the space bar to you prot ger.

In solo mode, you have the possibility to improve your equipment am buying new weapons with the money earned. Keep an eye on your fuel level and life. Collecting as much money as possible and pass from one level to the last. In multiplayer mode, you face a friend and you have r cup rer satellite before him.

Several challenges are possible: King of the hill where should you stay on the hill as long as possible, Capture the flag where you must r cup rer a flag and keep it as long as possible as in Unreal Tournament. A set of very good spatial control r alis and increasing difficulty.

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