Flash game Stealth-Hunter

Stealth-Hunter adventure of espionage and infiltration

A spy is a person committed by a country and sent to another country in order to gather information gard are secret. He must be careful and be very careful. WWII ad velopp espionage in the world thanks to new techniques that had t implementation. Each country formed his spies and sent in enemy countries under false identity s. Stealt hunter is adventure game and espionage in which a spy will conduct missions as they r the r alit.

You'll embody this spy and go to an enemy country to gather confidential information. Be careful if you get caught you nieras your country and break any tie or all contacts with you. To enter the game then click Play Press space to continue.

Once in the game follow the instructions at the top of your head, cover you along the walls until the center square or put you above appear to go another step. Kills soldiers standing in front of you by pressing the space key. When you come across a barrier of laying a bomb by pressing the Z button Loigne you and still relies on the Z key and shoot the boxes has increased the next step in positioning yourself always on the square that appears. Each time you advance follow the instructions above your head and applies. D you up with the directional arrows on the keyboard, go to the left with the left arrow, go right with the right arrow, with the arrow to the top and behind with the arrow at the bottom.

Is the confidential information of up to the last step of your undercover mission. Use the Z key to put an explosive charge and Z c or even to turn and the spacebar to kill enemies.

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