Flash game Stickman Sam 4

Stickman Sat April 1 adventure game and shooting

Stickman Sam 4 is what is undoubtedly one of the best action games about our showcase. Enters the skin of this spy named Sam and progresses from mission to mission; the game is worthy of a James Bond or Mission Impossible. The missions are very dangerous because your enemies will you pi ger and therefore you should be careful and avoid their traps one after the other.

As in military training, your character will have a crawl, jump, roll, climb, shoot, it is capable of many other feats. For you to steer and shoot all your enemies and pass the diff ent obstacles. Intoxicating music plays in the background for cr er an atmosphere conducive to put you under the conditions of espionage. In addition to to disable, you can go in the option field and click off. T also have the opportunity be tuned level of difficulty by choosing Easy, Med and Hard.

Gaining maximum points and you can also those of other players by going on under View highscores. For you to put your h ro, you need only your keyboard. To go left is the A key, press D. right to crouch using the S key and interact with the W button skips the space button and walk with Shift.

In addition, to get a weapon following press E and return to the weapon pr c dente with key Q. Moreover, a s ance of training is available to enable you to familiarize yourself with the game before you embark on the adventure experience without exp. Stickman Sam 4 is the action game that you must try if you love the thrills and adventures. You'll be on the charm of this game and there will be a subscriber.

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