Flash game Stinky bean

Stinky bean adventure of a bean completely unusual & funny

This is covered with new adventure game that you want to cover with you. It always brings you to the games which you can often tend to avoid you from getting bored. You're pr sence of this game Stinky Bean is now available on our online games. Here you will have the opportunit to participate in Stinky Bean online and free. Stinky Bean is an adventure game where you must perform well in your mission by avoiding all obstacles along your way.

You'll have to embody Stinky Bean is a space of tasting bean that will eliminate all enemies in order to achieve a mission. You have to bump all your opponents avoiding a your turn red seeds they plan their beaks. Kills by jumping over their head or you can use your weapon. Your enemies change as a measure of your level so you have eg roosters, squirrels, turtles, hippos etc. In addition you can also change weapons at a certain level. In this game you have 10 lives right in the top box on the left and the right feel represents the number of enemies that get you s per level before facing the final boss.

Stinky Bean is a really intense and fun action game on at any acrobats bean r Pugnant is too funny. Be careful not to fall in the mud and also in water at the risk of losing a life. To play, use the direction keys on the keyboard to the placement of then to jump over enemies. And click the mouse to aim and shoot at your opponents.

Press the P key to pause. Help the Pugnant bean r accomplish a mission. Strongly advise all!

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