Flash game Stoneage Fight

Stoneage Fight game hitting prehistoric point and click

Typing on small animals in this pr historic adventure! In the pr history, there were several types of animals of all kinds who transform s over the centuries and became the animals we know today. Go back in history in pr stoneage fight. In this action game, you play the role of Cro-Magnon. Your objective will be to destroy the lion, monkey and the white rabbit. Armed with your club.

These animals are your targets only and you must not miss them. To play using the arrows on your keyboard to put your man of Cro-Magnon to your target and once you are in front of them support the space button on your keyboard to type with your club. You earn points for you r ussis target to hit. Objects will fall, soon they touch you in the head for not losing the game. You must be very fast in order not to hit by objects that will be launched te s you.

You must also be very careful to just hit your target with your club if you hit other animals, you will lose the number of your points. Concentrate and observed well before the target to hit. D s a target appears instead of the direction for you to join, you positioned opposite her and began hitting him with the club until she fled. Turn to another that appears again and the same action.

You'll just sixty seconds to r succeed to hit as much as possible targets. You shall have a total of only three lives. The number of your lives is displayed on the top of the screen with red hearts. If you lose all three, you will lose the game.

Avoid falling objects, they will make you lose a life, instead of you while leading you to your target. Wins the most points before the time r serv without losing a single life and wins.

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