Flash game Super Doggy

Super Doggy adventure game

Come quickly to cover Super Doggy, great adventure game!

If your passion is adventure games, so do not miss much appr cial Super Doggy. Super Doggy is an adventure very funny and super fun game. Since dogs and cats exist, they never t friends. They always hate but everyone knows that dogs are stronger.

But imagine that there is a gigantic cat ing norm that even the f fierce dogs can proud of! Sc nario is unlikely. Super Doggy in all puppies of the city s t kidnapp the terrible cat king. But the cat is not alone; it aa his arm a COTS e cats that h siteront not one second if you tried to approach their king.

Your main objective in this game is to help a great dog rescue and finally rer lib clutches of the terrifying cat! To start the game click on the image of the game

How to play a Super Doggy?

For you to put in the game, use the arrows on the keyboard. And to skip or stop flying support on key A. You have for you to crack super powers increase as a measure you limines cats. Jump on the heads of your enemies to kill or utilisetes super powers by pressing the S button When you get a lib rer dogs held hostage, you win the game. The mission will not be easy at all then do everything in your power to not fail and thus offer a chance of freedom to these poor puppies.

They rely on your help to get out then do not especially bec d. Begins immediately some solo or with your friends and throw yourself into the adventure. Have fun!

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