Flash game Super Koala

Super Koala adventure game and agility

Come to cover Super Koala, great adventure game and agility!

Looking for a game both fun and explosive then come to cover a Super Koala Adventure game very exciting flavors Bomberman. You'll surely love it. The goal is to Shoulder super Koala is to make all his opponents in less than 99 seconds.

For this you willing super bombs you have to do to explode to destroy your enemies and make their way to you. You must also be very careful with bomb explosions because if you find yourself in their sight line you make yourself explode too. Use your fireballs for a time to destroy the wooden planks but also birds and other creepy cr atures in all green. But watch out because you will not be able to drop one bomb at a time. Of the hand you have only 3 lives to finish the game then patch to be very clever to not lose all.

How to play a Super Koala?

To start the game, click on the Go button D up now with the help of lat eral keys on your keyboard that will allow you to direct you to the left or to the right côt côt. The X button will allow you to jump and it is with C that you can drop a bomb button. 99 seconds is the time that you will have to help Super Koala finish safely this first level. The difficulty increases gradually and as you progress in the game If you meet the love of made friends or solo, this adventure game is a genuine v challenge. The graphics are very well rebais with a very soft sound effects that will allow you to better focus.

Play with your friends and after each test, you can share your score to show them the clock you have established to end the game. Good luck!

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