Flash game Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 a new adventure for the Nintendo hero

s it, your game Super Mario 64 is finally available on the web! Our platform offers you the chance to play for free, no need to pay or register to release. The missions are the same as the version on Nintendo, so you have the right to a long journey comprising a multitude of levels. In this legendary game you objective is to help Mario to pick up piece of money.

To do this, he must climb obstacles like boxes, clouds, rocks and many others. It should not fall, if he dies and you lose the game. The sooner you take the parts and killing enemies, you have more bonuses and points.

Super Mario 64 will remind you of the good times of your childhood. Moreover, the smaller will play and also find it no problem. Even the graphics will make you think about your good old Nintendo 64 consol.

Although the principle is easy to dip, you'll have things clever and crafty to get Super Mario through the cracks of its tractors. E head displayed on the top right of your screen shows the number of lives you have left, so it constantly monitors so as not to be surprised. Use your keyboard to put your plumber pr fr and help in his quest. The SWAD button allows you to go ver the left, right, jump, you can also play with the lette Z, X and C to perform for investments. The space key it allows your character to throw bombs and jet pack.

Do not h website and begins play this wonderful adventure game that transports you into the fantasy world of this legendary h ro l. For d abut the game, click on Play. You have the possibility to start with Level 2.

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