Flash game Taipan 3000 SE

Taipan 3000 SE a breathless adventure game in space

With Taipan 3000 SE, go to the adventure with your crew on board your ship and intergalactic covers new worlds! Many scientists are trying to understand and to cover the universe in all its vastness, but you as a spaceship pilot, you have the opportunity to travel to areas not far from covered. Maybe you'll meet another ad similar planet to earth. Everything happens in the future in the year 3000, you have a small cargo intersid General, and the goal is to get money, to win, to win contracts in short, a genuine v of game adventure that is played entirely with the mouse. Go to the conquest of space and just explore unknown planets with your ship dan intergalactic adventure game Taipan 3000 SE. You start your adventure of exploration with your team on the planet New Terra buying a used vessel that requires a lot of preparation r. Balharg m cano must work to restore your machine in good working condition.

Visit the local bar and talking with the bartender for a pipe, you can also pay a visit to Dar Ghul will lend you money to start your exploration of the universe. How to play a Taipan 3000 SE? The game is entirely in English and is played using a mouse. To explore a new planet, click outside of the ship, then s selects the planet that you want to visit. For d abut the game, click the "Play The Game" button and choose the difficulty. Then register the name of your company and finally click on the "Start" button to begin your exploration c nimble.

A universe Cartoon e with very beautiful graphics and horns make this adventure game a great game, full recommended for exploration and science fiction fans. Good luck!

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