Flash game Terracotta Murders

Terracotta Murders an adventure based on the reflection

Terracotta is an adventure game in which you are Involved in a murder case. You must do everything you took everything out of this situation. You are in an extraordinary island with your partner to enjoy your holidays. You take a house and you spend your vacation in the.

But some time later, a corpse is covered in proximity to your apartment. You are to sign as suspects num ro s a. You do not understand anything in this situation. How the body has to find a pr cis this place? You are in the countryside between virgin forest and palm, so things can happen in this forest without having knowledge. For lack of evidence, the police unable to see r solve this case, it shall decide therefore to return and leave you r solve the crime and clear you.

Do be careful and be careful, it could be that the killer still lurks around. A cover for you to who is responsible for this murder! You are the character the game screen, instead of you from one place to another, exploring the nooks and crannies of each place. For you to place your cursor to shoot L was using the mouse and click on the green arrow. So that the ments of d cor you must interact to place the characters and click on the ment you wish. Top right of the screen is a menu located, ca help you to operate the action you want.

You must at all costs to do something to get you out of this case and defeat your opponent. You'll spend some time trying to in this adventure, color and rich motions with many puzzles and a murder ar solve difficult game.

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