Flash game War Bears

War Bears a funny adventure that will appeal to your detective skills

In this game, you will lead a team of secret agents who bear must fail one bank robbery. This time, we find the same characters and the same friendly atmosphere for a training mission before WarBears 3 Each character has good character Particular Specifications. Shooter with lite, a technician, a samurai. .., you have to find the right actions to resolve the puzzles r and finish the game Attention several purposes are available to complete the game 100%, you should test all possible actions, even those that are lost and restart the game Help a bear team to perform lite p rilleuses mission to save the planet. The purpose of this adventure game and bending r r is solve the many puzzles of the game using the mouse and a bear was super.

Bear a team of e lite command by a chef bear rescues the planet and embarks on missions where p rilleuses r flexion and action are the key words. Help them to accomplish the tasks of the game diff annuities All played with the mouse. When you hover a bear of the team, a popup appears asking you achieve ar actions. Click on the action you wish for the former cuter.

You can start a mission by clicking on the "Restart" button at the top right of the screen. The number of points engendr s and your playing time appears at the top left of the screen. A game of action and bending r r alis very well with d cor and very attractive sound effects rythm s. Its design has taken into account several aspects of DECORATIVE order to offer users a game worthy of their expectations.

Throw yourself in the game with your team compos bear and ends all levels of the game Have fun!

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