Flash game Wild West

Wild West adventure in the Wild West or the art of the jump can save your life

Wild West is a western game in which you must have a very good r reflex to win the game. In the era of the Wild West to survive, you had to be very fast and have very large rapidity of gainer for his weapon. Often r Gler their accounts, cowboys competed in very deadly duels in which the fastest wins. The game Wild West inspired by that era. In this game, pig faces a p Lican in a very bloody duel.

You embody the pig and you should avoid very quickly shot p Lican jumping to dodge the shot. You have to be very quick and use your r reflex. Use the mouse to click on the Start button and position the mouse cursor on the jump situ button at the bottom right.

Then listening carefully to what you expect the sound of a weapon, click the button to jump to avoid and shot the pig. Saves the life of a pig by shooting him avoid Lican p. The task will not be easy, p Lican is an ace shot and sheath of his weapon very quickly. Concentrate and listening carefully to the sound of the gun. You will not be limited by time, you'll just have to concentrate and be quick to save the life of Willy pork.

Made several attempts to train you up to have a good control and good technique. Releve fi of that you launch the p Lican faces in the duel and lost him to fi. Place yourself face to your opponent, look concentration noise of the gun and blow up the pig to win the duel. Be very fast, if your pig will be killed by several gunshots.

Good luck Cow Boy!

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